Durable Medical Equipment Medical Billing

By outsourcing to us, you can overcome your DME billing difficulties and increase income.

Our team of billers and coders are highly skilled and experienced in accurately managing your DME claims. We have a thorough understanding of the market and we start the revenue cycle process by positioning you for success. Our DME billing services are:

• Prior Authorization & Eligibility Verification
• HCPCS Level II Coding & Modifiers Patient Demographics Entry
• Management of Accounts Receivable and Denials
• Resolution of Credit Balance Claims Payment Submission Posting Credit Balance Settlement

Process for Managing the DME Revenue Cycle

In order to help you collect more quickly, we efficiently manage your backend operations and get your claims paid upon initial submission.

Stage 1
To provide specialised patient care a medical provider must meet the DME criteria.

Stage 2
The patient must purchase their equipment from a DME supplier once the doctor or other healthcare professional has prescribed a certain DME.

Stage 3
The appropriate HCPCS Level II codes are then assigned by our team and the DME claims are then sent to the patient’s insurance provider.

Stage 4
The claims are then followed up on by our accounts receivable management staff to ensure that accurate payments are made on schedule.

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