Medical Billing Services from a Team you can trust

We provide Medical Billing Services that are ethical, competent and comprehensive to ensure timely payment.

Transparent reporting tools and streamlined billing procedures for better claim acceptance, quicker payouts, and more revenue.

In order to help you make the switch to using our medical billing services, we provide low upfront prices, no long-term commitments, and the flexibility to use our services for just a few months.

Between payers and medical providers, Zak Solutions Medical Billing Services acts as a middleman. Our team offers end-to-end medical services to help manage to bill more effectively because we are aware of the time restrictions that both doctors and patients deal with on a daily basis. We assist in reducing operational costs, resulting in a considerable rise in revenue.

Our Medical billing will produce greater cost savings and outcomes as we have streamlined processes, lean process systems, state of the art technologies, economies of scale, and skilled labor who have specialized knowledge and experience.

In today’s complex and growing healthcare market successful administration of medical billing and coding is proven to be a strategically beneficial factor for healthcare practitioners. We are Professional and HIPAA compliant healthcare and health plan processing Organisation perfect choice for US physician offices, family practices, clinics, hospitals, and billing companies.

Benefits of joining Zak Solutions

Focus on Patient Care

Being a qualified physician and an office manager at the same time is never easy.

Healthcare professionals can free up staff time and guarantee higher returns by diverting their resources away from handling complex billing issues and toward caring for the patients.

Healthcare providers can focus entirely on what they do best practice medicine and treat patients without having to worry about juggling payers and regulatory requirements.

Reduce Billing Errors

Our experienced and well trained medical billers have extensive knowledge and experience with complex claim submission processes, ensuring accuracy and submissions in a timely manner. This reduces the number of errors and rejected claims.

Save Costs

Saving costs is the primary driver by joining Zak Solutions. In-house medical billing team comes with a heap of hidden costs such as paying for insurance, training, payroll and hardware and software installation costs.

Improve Cashflow

Our Medical Billing services will allow your practise to maintain consistent cashflow and quicker collection. Physicians can achieve more efficient economies of scale by letting our specialist Team carryout the medical billing swiftly.

Data Protection

We follow a strict policy to meet confidentiality, integrity and protect against threats in breach of data and are HIPAA compliant.  We ensure that all patient-related data is managed only by authorized personnel.

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