Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Services

Zak Solutions Medical Billing Services is here to assist you in making the maximise financial savings possible and in receiving payment for all services provided. Our comprehensive RCM services include the following:

Modern & Traditional Coding

Our world is constantly changing. The healthcare sector is also changing. In order to be competitive, providers must keep up with the most recent coding standards as requirements change yearly. Regardless of size or speciality, medical coding should ideally be a primary concern for healthcare institutions. Medical coding services, however, can get overlooked in favour of other duties. Healthcare providers can choose a dependable and reputable partner like us to handle their medical billing and coding needs.

Posting of Payment
Reports are reconciled daily, and payments received through ERA/EOB are reported on the system within 24 to 48 hours. The denial analysis team receives and transports denied requests.

Highlights of the service
• To make sure the procedure adheres to international standards, there are two stages of quality audit.
• Trained personnel who are also aware of the patient’s responsibilities, including secondary balance, etc.

Denial Analysis & Resolution
We meticulously examine claim denials, and we identify the fundamental cause of every issue. The issue is then escalated to the relevant teams to ensure that the denials are fixed and that they don’t occur again. Once a week, the client is updated on the denial analysis.

Highlights of the service
• After receiving a refusal, respond within 72 hours.
• Determine the trend and daily monitor the percentage of denials.
• systemic approach to prevent interruptions in revenue flow.
• After receiving a refusal, we respond within 72 hours.
• Track trends, identify differences, and daily track the percentage of denials.
• Meticulous processes in place to prevent interruptions in revenue flow.

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