Urology Medical Billing Services

We will help you increase your cash and patient flow while also helping you to streamline your work. Our team is more than just a billing company.

When urology practises don’t obtain their medical reimbursements on schedule, improper medical invoicing is frequently to blame. We can help with your Medical billing reimbursement requirements. We have in-house expertise required to manage the challenges posed by urological billing codes and modifiers.

Zak Solutions, a reputable urology billing firm with headquarters in the U.S. is committed to providing value-added services that guarantee maximum reimbursement and minimal denials. For healthcare facilities, doctor’s offices, clinics, healthcare providers, multi-specialty health centres, and other providers our EHR-integrated medical billing and coding solutions are perfect.

We provide complete Urology billing services as well as customize billing services which include the following:

Insurance Eligibility Verification Services
During this process, we will confirm that patients’ insurance policies cover urology services and that the patient’s plan has referral or pre-authorization criteria. We calculate the patient’s co-payment and the deductible after checking. Our services for verifying insurance eligibility and improving cash flow, reimbursements, and billing for urology.

Demographics & Charge Entry Services
The key stage in the billing process is the charge entry which establishes the amount of payment for the healthcare organisation. The patient’s account is charged according to the information on their FaceSheet. It is essential to have a talented team as the staff entering patient demographics data must input highly accurate data into the system.

Our exert team is absolutely required because the staff entering patient demographics must input exceptionally correct data into the system.

Urology Billing & Analysis
Our urology medical billing team examines a number of documents in a patient’s file, including the physician’s transcription, results of diagnostic tests, imaging reports, and other documents, to confirm the services rendered and assign the proper urological codes.
The submission of incorrect codes can result in ongoing claim denials, underpayments and a disruption of process. Such challenges may lead to needless claim-related burdens and challenging medical billing situations.

AR Follow up Services
It can take a lot of time and effort to follow up on every case of accounts receivable. To reduce the number of AR days, we relentlessly chase unpaid Urology claims. To ensure that rejected and underpaid claims are processed and reimbursed on schedule, our Urology accounts receivable management team also makes sure that they are appealed as soon as feasible.

Urology Services Collection & Denial Analysis
Companies must keep track of claim denials since they might cause considerable losses. Our team providing urology collecting services finds the cause of the denial, corrects the problems, and resubmits the rejected claims within the allotted period.
If the claim is rejected for not having enough information, the information gaps are filled as soon as possible. Our urology billing specialists and analysts can help you maintain track of denied claims, examine the reasons behind denied claims for process improvement and decrease the number of denied claims.

Payment Posting
The first line of defence in identifying payer concerns is payment posting. Prior authorization, non-covered services and medical necessity denials will be detected and allocated to the proper Urology RCM team members for handling.
To make sure that all relevant information regarding the payment has been recorded into the system, we review ERAs and the scanned EOBs. The information is then correctly updated into patient accounts.

Providers Credentialing Services
A critical step in the revenue cycle is provider credentialing, which is also how a doctor or provider establishes a relationship with payers. The method enables patients to pay for consumed Urology services using their insurance cards while also enabling the provider to be compensated for the medical services rendered.
By setting up ERA, our urology billing team processes payments more quickly, increases referrals, stops revenue leakage, lowers denials and recognises provider trends.

Urology Billing Software Right Medical Billing Supports
A crucial step in the revenue cycle management process is billing software. Billing and other administrative tasks are well-known for taking significant amount of time and expense. When coding, filing and tracking claims, billers can work as quickly as possible thanks to current urology billing software systems.
Due to our extensive experience in the healthcare industry, we are quickly able to ascertain what our clients’ needs are and meet them with our medical billing services. In addition to all other specialisations, our team is qualified to work on a variety of tools and technology for urology billing. Any significant medical billing programme, such as CollaborateMD, Medisoft, Medical Manager, Docutap-Experity, eClinicalWorks, NextGen, Advanced MD, Kareo, Gorev, Elligence, etc.

Key Points That Makes Us the Best Medical Billing Company

• Our team makes sure that 20% fewer front-end denials occur.
• Boost RCM system effectiveness and ease concerns about manual entry.
• Increase the accuracy of the charges and collection.
• Negotiations outside of the network.
• Refund adjustments and payment posting are done to increase cashflow.
• Account manager committed to meeting all of your needs.
• Billing and collection services for urology should be of the highest calibre and be flawless.
• Due to a more streamlined accounts receivable procedure and prompt follow-up, we are able to consistently enhance the collection ratio for our clients.
• Use the most recent tools and technology.
• At all times we provide easily expandable services.

So why are you still waiting? Book time with us to meet our specialist in urology billing in-person, and we’ll explain how we can help you get the most money possible for your urology services.

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