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We are a US-based provider of medical billing services for the healthcare sector. We are a leading provider of superior services for medical billing thanks to our experience and knowledge. We provide a wide range of billing services that cover the whole medical revenue cycle. Our billers are qualified and talented group who through frequent training are always updating their knowledge. Staff training becomes essential in a field where laws and regulations are continuously modified and advanced medically. It is one of the factors that makes us a top provider of medical billing services.

As a provider of medical billing services we’ve automated a lot of procedures to reduce human error. We have made investments in cutting-edge technology so that we can better serve you. Our great communication tools enable us to stay in touch with customers, patients and payors.

Our aim is to make sure that our clients receive prompt reimbursement from payors and that their cash flow remains unbroken. Only then can you maintain a profitable practise and open your doors. We are a US medical billing services provider ready to work with you and support you as you grow your practise.

You will observe that we always serve you with the same commitment regardless of whether you select a single billing service, several processes or the complete revenue cycle management.

Zak Solutions is a Medical Billing and Practice Management Company.

Speed Up Cashflow

Our medical billing process makes sure that clear comprehensive claims are sent to payers as soon as possible.


How healthcare is provided and paid for is fundamentally changing as a result of new and developing dynamics with a complex set of Challenges

Your Time

You won’t have to spend hours every day processing insurance claims and looking over denied claims with your personnel. You’ll have time to concentrate on your strengths and care for patients



Medical Billing & Coding Services

To reduce billing burden and more importantly to improve cashflow we work smarter and quicker.  Our medical billing specialist team will streamline your invoicing and improve your cashflow.

Zak Solutions

Expert Knowledge and Medical Billing

Zak Solutions is a Medical Billing and Practice Management Company. We offer specialised solutions based on your requirements.

  • Increased Cash Flow
  • Certified Coding Resources
  • Complete Scalability
  • Fast Turnaround Times
  • Less Rejected Claims
  • Reduced Administrative Expenses
  • Avoid No-Pay and Low-Pay
  • Decreased Overhead Expenses
  • Most IMPORTANTLY – You Are Only Charged for What We Collect

Our Specialities

We support and assist you in developing new perspectives on the world.
We will look for opportunities you would not have considered in achieving outcomes that connect the present with the future.


Concerned About Your Outstanding Dues? Get a FREE Trial Now

We will investigate any past-due accounts that are not currently collectible over the past three years. Our staff will do an analysis and give you feedback regarding the potential profit from those bad debts.
We will provide this service throughout our risk-free trial.
Additionally, our coding experts will analyse your codes in accordance with your medical notes and offer better and more effective coding services that will boost the revenue of your business.

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