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It is no secret that healthcare reform is straining every hospital’s financial position. Administrators are searching for ways to cut expenses and remove waste without compromising care quality due to rising costs and growing competition.

Hospitals have enormous financial difficulties. Budgetary stress is a result of a variety of factors, including the price of replacing existing IT infrastructures, labour shortages that lead to increased overtime, and the shift to a pay-for-performance reimbursement model for federal funding.

What Is Medical Staff Credentialing?

Credentialing is the procedure used to confirm that medical staff members have the necessary education, experience and other professional credentials. In essence, it involves deciding whether or not a person is qualified to carry out the tasks they are applying for at a facility. Privilege is the process of approving a person to do the psychiatric, medical, surgical, or other patient care services they will deliver for the healthcare facility or insurance provider once qualifications have been validated.

The procedure of obtaining credentials and granting privileges is intricate, drawn out, and time-consuming. Organizations must first obtain the necessary data from applicants. Although the applicant must be truthful at all times during the application process, it is the obligation of the healthcare organisation to confirm the veracity.


Reasons Why Hospitals Should use Our Services for Medical Staff Credentialing.

Fewer Human Errors

Manual process automation reduces human error. Automation solutions can assist in establishing a regular foundation for care activities since they are not susceptible to human error or exhaustion.

Cost Savings

Healthcare facilities have limited resources and are under increasing pressure to reduce operational costs and streamline processes. By switching to Zak Solutions, credentialing expenses can be reduced.

Improved Labor Efficiencies

We have dedicated resources do nothing but credentialing. This focus enables us to provide a high attention to detail to work.


Hospitals and other healthcare institutions that continue to rely on their current staff for physician credentialing face hurdles due to the fast evolving healthcare landscape and the financial difficulties that today’s hospital executives are confronting. By working together with Zak Solutions this difficulty can be overcome.

Why go with us?
• We support ideas for increasing revenue & practise management.
• We contribute to the abolition of penalties.
• We make certain to easily comply with all compliance rules.
• In working with the insurance, we support.
• We assist in ensuring a smooth transfer.

We offer multi-specialty groups, sole practitioners, & doctors insurance certification services. To assure accuracy and to cater to the needs of the medical professional, we use the most recent technology.

How We Work
We provide total support to finish the procedure successfully and on schedule. On all working days, we hope to be available to help our clients. We can assist you in answering any number of questions or providing call updates.
Any questions you may have or calls for updates can be answered by Zak Solutions Medical Billing Services on any working day.
Therefore, put an end to your concerns over credentialing services and use that essential time and resource to engage in other internal tasks. Let us handle these activities.

o Maintaining constant contact with the client.
o Information on new licences is continuously updated.
o Releasing, obtaining, and delivering proof of support to the payers.
o Complying with the conditions of the contract.

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