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The market for audiology devices is expected to increase due to aging population and rising incidence of hearing loss disorders. Otic diseases are becoming more common promoting market expansion.

Whether you’re new to the area or have been working in it for a while, billing in audiology is still a challenging issue. There are many tiny discrepancies between the hundreds of distinct audiologist billing codes, so it takes additional care to get them all correct. For busy audiologists, juggling physician responsibilities with the administrative work necessary to handle internal medical billing and coding can be draining. Even then using the incorrect codes may result in you losing money. You may discover that knowing audiology billing codes takes up more of your time than actually seeing patients.

Give yourself more time to focus on what you do best. Find a medical billing specialist and coder that is well-versed in audiology billing. Since Zak Solutions has a wealth of expertise dealing with audiologists, we know how to maximise your income and free up your time to concentrate on your patients.

Set the Standard for Medical Billing Services Best Practices

At Zak Solutions we never stop generating more money for our customers.

How can we mange it? We provide a strong emphasis on improving medical billing and coding procedures in order to lower the percentage of bill rejection and raise reimbursement through consistent efforts. As we provide the best medical billing services using effective and modern procedures, statistics from our clients speak for themselves. Our commitment to learning how to greatly enhance the financial operations of our esteemed physicians is directly responsible for the high level of client satisfaction we have. We collaborate closely with doctors and insurance companies and include ourselves into the expansion of practises. Until you are satisfied, we are not happy!

If you choose to work with Zak Solutions, here are the expectations:

One Team! Our Staff is an extension of your Staff. From the outset we work professionally and effectively as a team. To assist, train and build your medical practise, we work together as a team with your internal staff.

Our staff members are well-versed in the most recent technology developments and make a concerted effort to stay current.

We have a group of skilled coders and medical billers. We review and evaluate insurance laws and rules on a regular basis.

Benefits of working with Zak Solutions

Our key beliefs are individual responsibility and customer care. You can always speak with a team member to ask questions and get answers. Doing business with us is simple. We care about you and your company. The wisest move is to outsource your medical billing to Zak Solutions. Physicians are aware that outsourcing is a more effective and affordable option than doing it themselves. Making it possible for you to save time and makes your practise more productive.

Zak Solutions manages and regulates our clients’ affairs.

Budgetary control is crucial for the growth of your healthcare practise. At Zak Solutions we want to support practises at every level from the micro to the macro to improve their economic growth and stability. We offer a full analysis of your current frameworks as a reputable clinical medical billing company. As Zak Solutions is operated by Chartered Accountants and has the system to fulfil your requirements in all parts of your practise we assist in the setup of your practise from initiation.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Medical Billing with Zak Solutions

We will evaluate and analyse your practise by carrying out a free Audit.  We will inform you of the expected results and give you the opportunity to decide why you should choose us. Each medical claim is triple-verified by us and we keep track of it every day to speed up payment and reduce worry for you.

To save you time and money on training new hires we offer free training to your workforce.

To assist doctors in managing and expanding their practise we offer practise management consultancy. We keep up with all major changes to healthcare and legal requirements such as Medicare and HIPAA, so you can spend more time running your medical business, which is what you love to do.

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