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Zak Solutions is a Medical Billing and Practice Management Company we provide customized solutions based on your needs.  We follow a core set of traditional values and pride on the principle of treating people right. With a background as Chartered Accountants in Medical Billing & Management Consultancy we understand every practice has its unique billing needs. With knowledge and experience at hand our services are tailored specifically to meet each client’s practice requirements. We adhere to good old-fashioned business ethics and the belief that excellent customer service can only be provided by dedicated, knowledgeable and friendly people and not robots.

We constantly seek to establish long term relationships with our clients based on openness, approachability, knowledge of best practises, and uncompromising performance.

At Zak Solutions we also believe in a world of evolving technologies, financial challenges with rising cost pressures and aggressive competition,  where rapid action and response is imperative.  It is our duty to provide our clients with latest technology digitization service and support with using the latest in IT solutions for both front and back ends of your business. We thrive on constant innovation and modernization of our services to optimize solutions and systems which is the pinnacle of our priorities.


Medical Billing & Coding Services

Our goal is to make sure that your business is successful by offering you the best customer service and maximising your income.

Zak Solutions offers a full range of medical billing services, from collecting your claims to sending them to the insurance companies and reconciling your accounts. We are committed to providing you with the best possible service at every step along the way.

We continuously seek to establish everlasting relationships with our clients based on openness, approachability, knowledge of best practises, and unwavering performance.

Who We Are

Zak Solutions is a specialised medical billing and collection company we offer leading quality services catered to the unique requirements of clients. We are able to continually outperform expectations and provide outstanding value for money thanks to our dedication, continuous development and our investment in top-tier personnel and technology.

We give a comprehensive unmatched solution for financial administration using cutting edge tools and our considerable knowledge because we are committed to being the best Partner for your Practice. Zak solutions are centred on providing excellent customer service, we can seamlessly expand your business. Our goal is to make billing and collections stress-free while also guaranteeing that your practise gains from increased cash flow and net income. We establish our clients’ full trust by operating with excellence, respect, and honesty in every facet of our business.

Why We Do It

Our primary objective is to ensure the financial administration part is running as efficiently as possible so we can contribute to the success and growth of your practise. We handle everything related to medical billing and collections, freeing you up to devote your important time to patient care.

We consistently help our client practises generate more cash flow and increase net income. Our top priority is to provide outstanding service through efficient billing and collection solutions.

 Please feel free to speak to or email our team of dedicated specialists to discuss your individual needs.