Durable Medical Equipment Medical Billing

By outsourcing to us, you can overcome your DME billing difficulties and increase income.

Our team of billers and coders is highly skilled and experienced in properly managing your DME claims. We have a thorough understanding of the market, and we start the revenue cycle process by positioning you for success. Ones of our DME billing services are:

• Prior Authorization & Eligibility Verification
• HCPCS Level II Coding & Modifiers Patient Demographics Entry
• Management of Accounts Receivable and Denials
• Resolution of Credit Balance Claims Payment Submission Posting Credit Balance Settlement

Process for Managing the DME Revenue Cycle

In order to help you collect more quickly, we efficiently manage your backend operations and get your claims paid upon initial submission.

Stage 1
To provide specialised patient care, a medical provider must meet a DME criteria.

Stage 2
The patient must purchase their equipment from a DME supplier once the doctor or other healthcare professional has prescribed a certain DME.

Stage 3
The appropriate HCPCS Level II codes are then assigned by our team, and the DME claims are then sent to the patient’s insurance provider.

Stage 4
The claims are then followed up on by our accounts receivable management staff to ensure that accurate payments are made on schedule.

Dental Medical Billing Services

By contracting out your dental billing, you can increase your practice’s profitability.

Stop the rat race in its tracks if you run a growing dental office and are tired of being at the mercy of the insurance companies and wasting valuable time trying to set up accurate and proper dental codes to avoid claim denials.

Give up the stress, and your practise management and team’s stability will both improve.

• Obtain consistent and timely payment
• Recover all money owed to your practise.
• Daily processing of billing statements
• Improve dental insurance claims while reducing mistakes
• Reduce unpaid insurance claims
• Utilize interactive reports to monitor your progress.

How Can We Help?

We provide a range of services to help you improve your practise management and dental billing procedures, including:
Billing services for patients
Have a tool that collects all patient bills so you can send them out in a coordinated, structured manner.

Services for Dental Claims
Dental claims are gathered and submitted every day, and we offer efficiency in the process.

Posting of Payment
Every day, insurance payments will be posted by the dental insurance experts that have teamed up with you.

Urology Medical Billing Services

We will help you increase your cash and patient flow while also helping you to streamline your work. Our team is more than just a billing company.

When urology practises don’t obtain their medical reimbursements on schedule, improper medical invoicing is frequently to blame. Medical billing outsourcing can help urology offices with their reimbursement requirements. The urology medical billing services you choose must have the expertise required to manage the challenges posed by urological billing codes and modifiers.
Zak Solutions, a reputable urology billing firm with headquarters in the U.S. is committed to providing value-added services that guarantee maximum reimbursement and minimal denials. For healthcare facilities, doctor’s offices, clinics, healthcare providers, multi-specialty health centres, and other providers our EHR-integrated medical billing and coding solutions are perfect.

We provide complete Urology billing services as well as customize billing services which include the following:

Insurance Eligibility Verification Services
During this process, we will confirm that patients’ insurance policies cover urology services and that the patient’s plan has referral or pre-authorization criteria. We calculate the patient’s co-payment and the deductible after checking. Our services for verifying insurance eligibility and improving cash flow, reimbursements, and billing for urology.

Demographics & Charge Entry Services
The key stage in the billing process is the charge entry, which establishes the amount of payment for the healthcare organisation. The patient’s account is charged according to the information on their FaceSheet. It is essential to have a talented team as the staff entering patient demographics data must input highly accurate data into the system.

Talent is absolutely required because the staff entering patient demographics must input exceptionally correct data into the system.

Urology Billing & Analysis
Our urology medical billing team examines a number of documents in a patient’s file, including the physician’s transcription, results of diagnostic tests, imaging reports, and other documents, to confirm the services rendered and assign the proper urological codes.
The submission of incorrect codes can result in ongoing claim denials, underpayments, and a disruption of process. Such challenges may lead to needless claim-related burdens and challenging medical billing situations.

AR Follow up Services
It can take a lot of time and effort to follow up on every case of accounts receivable. To reduce the number of AR days, we relentlessly chase unpaid Urology claims. To ensure that rejected and underpaid claims are processed and reimbursed on schedule, our Urology accounts receivable management team also makes sure that they are appealed as soon as feasible.

Urology Services Collection & Denial Analysis
Companies must keep track of claim denials since they might cause considerable losses. Our team providing urology collecting services finds the cause of the denial, corrects the problems, and resubmits the rejected claims within the allotted period.
If the claim is rejected for not having enough information, the information gaps are filled as soon as possible. Our urology billing specialists and analysts can help you maintain track of denied claims, examine the reasons behind denied claims for process improvement, and decrease the number of denied claims.

Payment Posting
The first line of defence in identifying payer concerns is payment posting. Prior authorization, non-covered services, and medical necessity denials will be detected and allocated to the proper Urology RCM team members for handling.
To make sure that all relevant information regarding the payment has been recorded into the system, we review ERAs and the scanned EOBs. The information is then correctly updated into patient accounts.

Providers Credentialing Services
A critical step in the revenue cycle is provider credentialing, which is also how a doctor or provider establishes a relationship with payers. The method enables patients to pay for consumed Urology services using their insurance cards while also enabling the provider to be compensated for the medical services rendered.
By setting up ERA, our urology billing team processes payments more quickly, increases referrals, stops revenue leakage, lowers denials, and recognises provider trends.

Urology Billing Software Right Medical Billing Supports

A crucial step in the revenue cycle management process is billing software. Billing and other administrative tasks are well-known for taking a lot of time and paper. When coding, filing, and tracking claims, billers can work as quickly as possible thanks to current urology billing software systems.
Due to our extensive experience in the healthcare industry, we were able to quickly ascertain what our clients’ needs were and meet them with our medical billing services. In addition to all other specialisations, our team is qualified to work on a variety of tools and technology for urology billing. Any significant medical billing programme, such as CollaborateMD, Medisoft, Medical Manager, Docutap-Experity, eClinicalWorks, NextGen, Advanced MD, Kareo, Gorev, Elligence, etc.

Key Points That Makes Us the Best Medical Billing Company

• Our team makes sure that 20% fewer front-end denials occur.
• Boost RCM system effectiveness and ease concerns about manual entry.
• Increase the accuracy of the charges and collection.
• Negotiations outside of the network.
• Refund adjustments and payment posting are done to increase cash flow.
• Account manager committed to meeting all of your needs.
• Billing and collection services for urology should be of the highest calibre and be flawless.
• Due to a more streamlined accounts receivable procedure and prompt follow-up, we were able to consistently enhance the collection ratio for our clients.
• Use the most recent tools and technology.
• At all times, provide easily expandable services.

So why are you still waiting? Book time with us to meet our specialist in urology billing in-person, and we’ll explain how we can help you get the most money possible for your urology services.

Colorectal Surgery Medical Billing

Colorectal Surgery Medical Billing Services

It is essential for your practice’s revenue cycle management that medical invoices are submitted on time and receive prompt payment for them. Physicians from all specialties will concur that prompt follow-up is necessary to get the denied and rejected claims reimbursed. Effective medical billing and coding is therefore highly difficult and should be left to professionals.
We understand the importance of accurate medical billing and coding, and we relieve you of the administrative and follow-up burdens associated with coding and billing. In reality, the knowledgeable staff at Zak Solutions helps you concentrate more intently on treating patients.
In order to offer our customers a broad range of medical billing and coding services, Zak Solutions has the most qualified team and infrastructure.

When you decide to work with us as a partner, we take care of all of your revenue cycle management concerns. Stars Pro teams respond to your concerns quickly and effectively.

Why Choose Zak Solutions?

Our skilled staff will enable our esteemed physicians to receive the benefits listed below.

Zak Solutions recognises how critical it is to enter proper information without delay and ensures that all bills are sent with perfect information because we recognise how important it is to input information accurately to avoid delays or denials. Whether it’s a superbill or an encounter form, our skilled personnel will accurately and quickly record details pertaining to patient demographics, CPT and ICD codes, along with modifiers, number of units, and date of service. We conduct quality checks at many levels to guarantee the accuracy of the data.

Zak Solutions is aware of how crucial proper medical coding is for all healthcare professionals. Stars Pro can assist you in ensuring accurate coding and adherence to legal requirements. Our devoted team of professionals will review your files each day only after scanning your health data. Finally, our team of experts will also review your claims while giving great importance to their quality.

Zak Solutions has the capacity to stay current with all the most recent technology developments and changes in order to provide quality upgrading at all levels. By doing this, errors are eliminated and the likelihood of claims being rejected is reduced.

To ensure quicker reimbursements, Zak Solutions follows up consistently and in a big way. To guarantee that claims are paid fast, our skilled staff consistently keeps in touch with the insurance providers via phone and email. The billing software then updates to reflect all payments. As a result, incomplete payments or denials are carefully examined and then fixed by resubmitting them to the insurance company.

We file claims on time because we are aware of how important following up with insurance providers is to maximise the amount of money returned as well as to provide our clients peace of mind knowing that all of their claims will be paid promptly and with minimal hassle. Stars Pro’s primary goal is to improve and expand our clients’ revenue and assist them in reducing their operating expenses so they can better and more easily manage their cash flow.

Insurance Eligibility

Zak Solutions has a strong conviction that for many medical and healthcare professionals, picking an insurance verification service is the biggest challenge and source of uncertainty. Due to the fact that it has an immediate impact on every healthcare organization’s cash flow, Zak Solutions goes to great lengths to earn the trust and confidence of our doctors. As a result, we place a high priority on patient medical insurance eligibility verification.

Here are a few explanations as to why Zak Solutions is so committed to its doctors.

Our team helps to update eligibility verification services continuously as it is the most concerning question for many organizations. Because of this, we relieve our clients of this stress and ensure that they always receive the most recent verifications, ensuring that their job is completed efficiently and on time.

Our skilled and knowledgeable team consistently verifies eligible responses, which greatly improves process effectiveness. With this strategy, our clients will experience better patient care and fewer rejections.

Cardiology Medical Billing Services

Due to inaccurate billing, cardiologists lose a sizable portion of their income every day. In addition to this, Medicare fees have consistently decreased in the field of cardiology by 2%. Cardiology practises have a general decline in profitability as a result of this pricey mix.

We at Zak Solutions will work with you to reduce potential lost income and raise the profitability of your business. We are experts in medical billing and coding for both invasive and non-invasive procedures in your cardiology and vascular business. As experts in medical billing, we will find possible trouble spots in your cardiology billing and oversee every element of the billing procedure to make sure you get paid what you are entitled to promptly.

Benefits of Outsourcing with Zak Solutions

Our Team internalises the solutions for provider medical billing problems. We handle the required paperwork, clear up any misunderstandings, follow up with the insurance providers, and work nonstop until the project is complete. Our qualified staff will assist you with the challenging provider enrolment and medical certification procedure. We streamline the procedure for you and complete the work effectively.

The fact is that consistent coding changes for operations like in-office imaging, implanted device follow-up, and ICM and ICD device reprogramming can have a negative financial impact. Your firm could suffer if you are not knowledgeable about these changes and the essential answers to them.
Our cutting-edge, highly skilled cardiac medical billing services will shorten claim processing times, enhancing your cash flow. You won’t need to be concerned about audits or fines because you can be sure that all of your billing is being completed appropriately. Along with lowering your overhead and reliance on administrative staff, our cardiology billing procedure will help enhance your practice’s revenue cycle.

We combine medical billing expertise with cutting-edge technology to provide you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your claims are handled effectively and correctly while maintaining a steady cash flow. Spend your time now attending to the varied needs of your patients rather than the time-consuming chores of cardiology medical billing and patient records.
We keep up with changes to Medicare compliance requirements and the impending deployment of the ICD-10, and we are fully compliant with HIPAA rules.

Improve the speed of your revenue cycle management and medical billing

Whether you are a single health care provider or a group practice with our medical billing services, we can assist you in achieving enhanced business performance by accelerating workflow and measuring results through proactive revenue cycle management.

Working with a reputable partner like Zak Solutions can help you grow your company and get paid swiftly

Our knowledgeable and committed staff will devote their time to important tasks like your billing, collecting full payment on all submitted claims, increasing payment on underpaid claims, generating revenue from unsubmitted claims, and following up on secondary claims as we are a revenue cycle management company. For both large and small accounts, we offer a turnaround time of less than 48 hours between the receipt of data and the submission of claims. By improving account receivable, collection ratio, and probability of payment, Zak Solutions will decrease the rate at which claims are declined.

Why Make Zak Solutions Your Partner

All of our clients agree that Zak Solutions is an excellent choice for all our clients because we provide the best medical billing services using effective and modern procedures. Our Team is the best option for cardiology billing, we offer services to both small and large businesses across all US states. Using the best billing software to handle billing and coding is essential for success in this field of expertise. Our team is committed and skilled, and have dealt with cardiology doctors before.

Ambulatory Medical Billing
Ambulatory Surgery Medical Billing

The market for audiology devices is expected to increase due to aging population and rising incidence of hearing loss disorders. Otic diseases are becoming more common promoting market expansion.

Whether you’re new to the area or have been working in it for a while, billing in audiology is still a challenging issue. There are many tiny discrepancies between the hundreds of distinct audiologist billing codes, so it takes additional care to get them all correct. For busy audiologists, juggling physician responsibilities with the administrative work necessary to handle internal medical billing and coding can be draining. Even then, using the incorrect codes may result in you losing money. You may discover that knowing audiology billing codes takes up more of your time than actually seeing patients.

Give yourself more time to focus on what you do best. Find a medical billing specialist and coder that is well-versed in audiology billing. Since Zak Solutions has a wealth of expertise dealing with audiologists, we know how to maximise your income and free up your time to concentrate on your patients.

Set the Standard for Medical Billing Services Best Practices

At Zak Solutions, we never stop generating more money for our customers.

How can we mange it? We provide a strong emphasis on improving medical billing and coding procedures in order to lower the percentage of bill rejection and raise reimbursement through consistent efforts. As we provide the best medical billing services using effective and modern procedures, statistics from our clients speak for themselves. Our commitment to learning how to greatly enhance the financial operations of our esteemed physicians is directly responsible for the high level of client satisfaction we have. We collaborate closely with doctors and insurance companies and include ourselves into the expansion of practises. Until you are satisfied, we are not happy!

If you choose to work with Zak Solutions, here are the expectations

One Team! Our Staff is an extension of your Staff. From the outset, we work professionally and effectively as a team. To assist, train, and build your medical practise, we work together as a team with your internal staff.

Our staff members are well-versed in the most recent technology developments and make a concerted effort to stay current.

We have a group of skilled coders and medical billers. We review and evaluate insurance laws and rules on a regular basis.

Benefits of working with Zak Solutions

Our key beliefs are individual responsibility and customer care. You can always speak with a team member to ask questions and get answers. Doing business with us is simple. We care about you and your company. The wisest move is to outsource your medical billing to Zak Solutions. Physicians are aware that outsourcing is a more effective and affordable option than doing it themselves. makes it possible for you to save time and makes your practise more productive.

Zak Solutions manages and regulates our clients' affairs.

Budgetary control is crucial for the growth of your healthcare practise. At Zak Solutions, we want to support practises at every level—from the micro to the macro—in order to improve their economic growth and stability. We offer a full analysis of your current frameworks as a reputable clinical medical billing company. As Zak Solutions is operated by Chartered Accountants and has the system to fulfil your requirements in all parts of your practise, we assist in the setup of your practise from initiation.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Medical Billing with Zak Solutions

We will evaluate and analyse your practise by carrying out a free Audit.  We will inform you of the expected results and give you the opportunity to decide why you should choose us. Each medical claim is triple-verified by us, and we keep track of it every day to speed up payment and reduce worry for you.

To save you time and money on training new hires, we offer free training to your workforce.

To assist doctors in managing and expanding their practise, we offer practise management consultancy. We keep up with all major changes to healthcare and legal requirements, such as Medicare and HIPAA, so you can spend more time running your medical business, which is what you love to do.

Anesthesiologist Medical Billing

We are a great option for all of your medical billing requirements because we provide the greatest services with effective and modern procedures. With services offered to both small and large businesses across all US states, we are the top option for anesthesiologists.  Our employees are devoted and knowledgeable, and they have dealt with anaesthesia billing before.

Benefits of Outsourcing Anesthesiologist Medical Billing

The financial stability of a physician’s practise, which is entirely dependent on prompt and efficient payment of invoices, is our top priority. We aid your clinic in increasing its earnings by assisting with on-time, accurate billing, and timely collection of payments. We’ll make sure that everything is finished on time so you can devote more time to your patients. Your reimbursement will grow, your cash inflow will maximise, your overhead costs will decrease, and you’ll have peace of mind if you outsource your anesthesiologist medical billing to Zak Solutions. Your practise will function smoothly and your cash collection will be strengthened thanks to our hard efforts.

Ambulatory Medical Billing
Ambulatory Surgery Medical Billing

Medical services that are delivered on an outpatient basis, without admission to a hospital or other institution, are referred to as ambulatory care. These services are offered at places like doctor’s offices and other facilities that house other healthcare professionals.

Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) billing is fundamentally distinct from all other medical billing specialties. From the outset ASC billing (Ambulatory Surgery Center) is totally different than any other type of medical billing specialty.

Zak Solutions is aware of the necessity for efficient medical billing services to satisfy your individual requirements, boost procedural revenue, and efficiently generate claim processes.

It is a difficult undertaking to run a prosperous medical practise, all management responsibilities, and regulatory rules. To raise service standards, minimise costs, and eliminate errors, medical practises must modernise their organisational structure. For all of your practice’s difficulties to be managed, you need a simple yet complete solution. Outsourcing your medical bills to Zak Solutions billing organisation is a wise choice for all of these issues, as well as many others.

Benefits with Zak Solutions

  • Medical billing services can boost your collections and improve them while speeding up cash flow.
  • By helping you with all administrative responsibilities, you may lower your administrative expenditures.
  • Achieve productivity levels that internal billing cannot provide
  • Compliance may come resolutely and favourably.
  • Reduce medical billing denial rates

Why Zak Solutions

We offer medical billing services to all specialisations and practise types, including independent, corporate, and group settings. We help doctors so they may concentrate more successfully on providing healthcare services while we handle all of their financial needs. Using cutting-edge, quality-driven technology, Zak Solutions team of revenue cycle specialists, experienced coders, and patient care representatives tirelessly expedite the multifaceted laws around reimbursement technique. To deliver the most effective revenue cycle control techniques for your firm, we have combined our billing and coding knowledge with modern software tools.

  • Medical billing services can boost your collections and improve them while speeding up cash flow.
  • By helping you with all administrative responsibilities, you may lower your administrative expenditures.
  • achieve productivity levels that internal billing cannot provide
  • Compliance may come resolutely and favourably.
  • Reduce medical billing denial rates

Accurate Billing Services

We make sure that billing and practise management procedures carefully take conformity into account. We conform to conform to HIPAA regulations. We adhere to procedures and rules with expert teams conducting internal and external audits to identify errors that could delay or lower reimbursement. You can depend on our qualified personnel to deliver accurate, timely billing services for your specialised practise, and you’ll reap the long-term rewards that go along with it. Our medical billing specialists and coders are knowledgeable about each of the codes.

Improved Revenue

One of the top companies providing medical billing services is Zak Solutions, which provides cutting-edge revenue cycle management solutions created to satisfy the demands of the evolving healthcare sector. You may increase your profits without wasting critical time by using our expert advice and services for your practise.

  • cleaning up data, processing payer-specific regulations, and demographic confirmation
  • Individualised, detailed, and precise coding
  • Verifying each insurance claim’s eligibility
  • Timely and precise claim submission
  • Posting payments and managing digital remittances
  • Total control over receivables
  • Faster improvement of physician credentialing
  • Reporting on Agreement Modification
  • Assistance with practise management for all medical specialties
  • Services for re- and credentialing physicians
  • Creation of financial and medical reports for reconciliation

Zak Solutions Affordable Billing Services

We offer billing services to all healthcare professionals at all phases of their careers. If you just started your practise, we will help you at every step along the way. You won’t experience audit or legal issues thanks to our committed services. With the help of our modern technology, all of your billing-related problems will be quickly resolved, and your productivity and cash flow will rapidly boost. We can change course as necessary and provide each of our valued practitioners with services that are specifically tailored to meet their needs.

Our Coders Cover All Medical Specialties Including

  • Anesthesiology
  • Cardiology
  • Gastroenterology
  • General Surgery
  • Internal Medicine
  • Neurology
  • Neurosurgery
  • Obstetrics
  • Ophthalmology
  • Orthopedics
  • Physical medicine
  • Otolaryngology
  • Pain Management
  • Pathology
  • Pediatrics
  • Physical Therapy
  • Podiatry
  • Radiology
  • Surgery
  • Urology
  • Vascular, and much more

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